Faab for Jamaal Williams?

Jamaal Williams is on the waiver along with Eli Mitchell.

How much faab for williams or Mitchell if you think he’s the better option.

12 team ppr only one running back spot and one flex current backs are Kamara and Hines (lost gus bus)

I’ve never played a league that only needs to start one rb. I’ll say 10-15% but that could easily be too much or too little. Is this the first year of this league? If not try have a look at previous season pickups early at rb and bid in that area.

No its like our 6th or 7th year. I’ve tried year after year to go to two but some guys don’t want to budge.

Honestly, when you’re only starting 1 RB (who would flex a RB in a PPR?), it’s kind of understandable that a backup RB (or at least a co-starter) on a bad team would be on the waiver wire.

I wouldn’t covet him enough to really bid on him, but if you think he’d be worth something, surely like $7 (of $100) would get the job done.