FAAB for James Conner

How much FAAB would you spend on James Conner this week if you are the Bell owner…what about if you are not the Bell owner.

I’m just sitting here hitting refresh on my browser waiting for someone to chime in with an answer here.

Still waiting

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aaaaaaand, still waiting.

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Honestly not much… Only would if you feel as though you can’t cover 1-2 weeks for Bell to get where he needs to be.

If you don’t have RB coverage then maybe 20-25

First time using the FAAB so I am still trying to get a feel for what not much is. It is the first year for everyone in the league but one to be using the FAAB. It seems like people are going to be super conservative in the 2 or 3 dollar range.

I am assuming you have 100-150 ish $.

Systems are different so Im not 100% how yours is. Most leagues you can still put in 0$ faab bids. If you really need coverage that bad then id say he is worth 10-25% of your faab. Remember he is not Bell 2.0 he is bell’s backup so don’t go crazy its just not worth it. If I had to guess he will play 1 maybe 2 games max.

Thanks. Yep 100 is the budget. I have the difference split at 13. I’m sitting on lynch and c.j. anderson so I need the coverage. Really appreciate the advice.

Since most leagues have different FAAB amounts, you will usually see articles and recommendations utilizing % of FAAB.

I have Bell and am starting to get a little nervous along with everyone else. If Bell is set on sticking it to the Steelers and saving his mileage this could get really ugly, really fast.

Bell could theoretically holdout until Week 10, then complain about injuries or concussions from Week 10 - Week 16. He gets his 5 years of NFL service and then hits FA maybe taking only 10-20 snaps for the 2018 season. Ill agree this is a pretty extreme scenario, but Bell seems fine burning all of his bridges in Pittsburgh.

Another reason to spend a 10-15% on Conner, good chance Bell pulls a hamstring since he hasnt been in training camp. Yes, he can run sprints on his own but its just not the same as camp. If Bell does come back and gets hurt you would at least have yourself a handcuff…

I have no issue dropping 15% on Conner… He is a capable athlete and the Steelers obviously think they have something there or they would be scrambling.

15% sounds good. I think with the news from the agent just talking about preserving his body should scare people. He does not care about winning, just getting paid. Frankly, with how much abuse his body has taken the first part of his career, a season off would probably extend his career tremendously.

Follow-up and just FYI… Got Conner with 15% bid, second highest was 10% and the lowest was 4%.

Thanks for screwing us all Bell!

Thanks for the advice. Additional follow up: I spent 6% on Conner and got him, next best bid was only a few $’s

If you are the Bell owner I would go $28, if not I would go $12.