FAAB for Tyrell Williams

Tyrell is sitting on our waiver wire. I’ve put in a bid of $17 for him to replace Mike Williams. Guessing that’s not enough. How much should i spend on him? $100 budget


Oak is going to be a difficult offense to predict because they clearly want to run through Jacobs and Carr (although I like him) will have dud games. So, I think Tyrell is a weekly flex play. Knowing how much to bid is dependent on your league specifically. In some leagues $17 is a ton and in others $17 is nothing. I would bid on him, if I were you, the amount you’d bid on a weekly flex play. If you actually plan to use him in the flex, bid more around a WR2 value. If he’s more of a bench guy for you, go a little less. Ultimately, I think if your gut says $17 is too little, than it probably is

I already have Keenan, Diggs, Cooks, and Gordon as my other WRs. RBs are Kamara, Zeke, A Jones, and J Conner. So he likely would never get into my lineup as a flex except for injuries/bye weeks.

First, damn good team!
Second, then I wouldn’t bid much at all. No use spending your money on someone who will sit all year. Bid a little to see if you can get him super cheap; but, when he likely is picked up by someone else, don’t worry about it

Yeah it’s a 10 team 12 keeper league (quasi dynasty), so i’ve accumulated guys over the years. Chris thompson, Ronald Jones, Tyrell, AP, Crowder, DJax, Ross III, Metcalf, Hadman, all on the waiver. It’s a 0.25 ppr league.