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FAAB - how do you convince the league mates to make the switch?


We’re trying to work over our league to move to FAAB from the dreaded worst->first method we have now (which punishes those who start out with a couple wins and then may get injuries early on).
What have been the biggest arguments you’ve had about switching over and how have you quelled the fears?
Our commish themselves worry about getting snaked for pickups by someone outbidding them by $1 but my counter was “If you need a player bad enough don’t cheap out on it”.
There is a little guesswork in what bids you put down but I consider that better than hoping people forget to put in a claim when you’re at the end of the wire.
Thoughts and advise?
Any others pushing for the same change?


FABB Is the way to go, I would just remind the people hesitant that it is the fairest method for player acquisition. Everyone has a chance for every player, and you can still pick up people on 0 bids after the bids have been processed l, so it all comes down to strategy and looking far enough ahead to not need to actually place a bid but pick that player up on the 0 bid.


Reasons to change: More strategy, more fun, more fair, more engaging, more excitement weekly.

Reasons to not change:


Thanks fellas.
I think part of the hesitation is the strategy part. We have a couple players that start to mail it in a bit as the fall lower in the standings and wind up missing out on waiver claims they should clearly be submitting since their team needs the player and then a stronger team gets that player due to apathy.
Hoping the prospect of screwing others out of a bid or even suckering them into overbidding might engage a bit more.
Makes for good water cooler fodder.


It’s definitely one more thing for guys to talk about and try to screw each other over, which is always more fun. Just make sure to allow $0 bids.


To switch to FAAB I started my own league and as commish I said FAAB is how we’re handling waivers because it’s better than the old way.

One trick is to dig back at the complainers.

I’m not sure how you are with your buds but for me to deal with the complaints about how stupid this new way is and how it doesn’t make any sense I just tell then to shut up and give it a try.

I also threw in that they suck so much at FF that it doesn’t matter what kind of waiver system we have they will end up losing to me cause they’re consistently horrible and will eventually end up in last place like they always do. After that it’s game on as the gauntlet has been thrown.