FAAB in a dynasty league


I’m starting up a 14-man dynasty league that is going to allow off-season FA acquisition. How would you do FAAB for that? We are doing 250 FAAB during the season, but I wasn’t sure what you would do for off-season.

Reset after championships and do half the points? Then reset again after the draft?
Just do the 250 and then reset after the draft?


I would suggest less FAAB, especially in dynasty where your benches are so deep that waivers are generally almost negligible.

$100 in season, $100 during off-season.

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Technically it doesn’t matter how much your FAAB is. You should be basing your bids on percentage of your total FAAB. So bidding 25 of 250 is the same as 10 for 100. Increasing your FAAB isn’t a change because it’s increased league wide. Youre still given the same shot at a player regardless… I’d also recommend just keeping offseason and in season FAAB the same. Makes it easier and less confusing for everyone.

I’d agree with the continuity. In season should be same as off season. As for matters of simplicity, I would suggest keeping everything at 100.

I would strongly suggest having an off-season budget and an in-season budget. We likely all know the ebb and flow of in-season waivers. If used ‘appropriately’ you should be out or nearly out of FAAB by end of season. It is this expectation that I propose requires an off-season budget.

The name of the game in dynasty off-season is activity. One of the easiest ways to promote activity is to have a healthy waivers environment. This does not really occur if everyone’s budget is depleted. In several of my leagues teams are bidding ‘large’ amounts based on the daily NFL free agent news.