FAAB on Royce Freeman? Who to drop?

Footclan! How much is Royce worth now with Lindsay being so effective?

8 team - 2 flex league.

My RBs are Zeke, CMC, Mixon, Jamaal and Aaron (GB backs), Sony and Kerryon. Who do I drop?

id put down 30-40
and drop 1 of the packer backs.

id keep Aaron. not like ur gonna play either one now anyway with the rest of your roster

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No worries about Lindsay taking over as the RB?

taking caries … yes, Taking over. no

Dude is 167 pounds
don’t get me wrong he is talented.

if you are a non dynasty league you might be going over on holding rookies(sony,Johnson,freeman). If you are keeper or dynasty I would grab him and sit.