Have Delaine Walker. How much FAAB should I spend on a TE? Targeting Kittle or Cook.

In on answer too! I had delanie too bro. I know the feeling

How much FAAB are you thinking of spending?

damn i dotn know. Probably between 20-25faab

back up will be cook
or dissley if mariota is ok if i dont get kittle

I was thinking 11. Do you really think it will take 20-25?
I looked at the other teams in my league. I think I will only be bidding against one other owner, the rest seem to be fine at TE except me and him.

Yeah 11 is more in line with what I was thinking! Thanks!

Depends on the aggresiveness of your league. Such as maybe look at the greg olsen team, he might need a TE. Or maybe some douche might pick up Te to troll you. I dont know LOL

I dont know. You and i are in need of TE cause of our situation. I was thinking 15-16 at most. but might increase it more so i can secure it.

Most articles put COOK around over 10 faab. Kittles should be better. I too want to only spend around 10-15 but we are pretty screwed at that position. lol tell me what you do

or maybe im over thinking it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully, the FFBallers will tell us what to do before our waivers run.? LOL
Mine runs at 11am CST tomorrow.

Ha, yeah mine is midnight tonight. I am somewhat debating going $0 hoping to get one or the other of Kittle or Cook. Not sure if that is too risky

If it’s kittle, I’m spending 25-30% FAAB for a potential every week starter at TE. That’s a steal.

For Cook, I’m only looking to spend 5-7 cause he’s not a season long option. I’m not using him after week 4.

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yep putting up 27

I’m sticking with 11. Waivers run in 10 minutes. I’ll let you know what happens.

Ours went yesterday. I got him at $11

at the last minute I upped it to 16.
I got him and there were plenty other offers, highest being 10.
I could have got him for the original 11 but panicked and raised to 16.

had 2-3 offers on kittle. i was highest with 27 . second highest was 20. My original was 22. LOl i panicked and went up as well

Its well worth it. People are too cheap with waivers. If you are getting a player that you can plop into your starting line-up right away and for multiple weeks, its worth everything. I bid 31 on Lindsay yesterday to secure him in my one league I went zero RB. Next bid was 15. I expected it to be in 20s but I’m not even mad. Cause if I played it safe and went like 25 and someone went 28 and outbid me, I would’ve been pissed.

If you went 22 and someone went 24, the tilt you would have felt vs what you feel now from spending $5 more than you wanted to is not even comparable. Trust me.

I bid $33 in a super competitive league for Lindsay and someone bid same as me even though it made zero sense for their team and beat me cause of waiver priority. Nothing more upsetting than losing a player you really need,

im not complaining at all. I dont regret it at all. Im happy i got kittle :smiley: