FAAB question - using FAAB in other capacities

FANTASY FOOSBALL IS THE DEVELIN!! Greetings ballers, would you allow FAAB to be used in other ways such as trading FAAB for players or maybe even betting (instead of a cup of water you win a FAAB dollar)? I realize this makes more work for me as the commish but I’m curious of your thoughts. Love the show, first year footclan member. Thanks.

In all of my leagues (redraft and dynasty) I do allow trading of FAAB for players. I use ESPN and Sleeper (Sleeper is actually adding this feature their platform) so updating FAAB amounts are a piece of cake and take next to no time. Having tradeable FAAB gives everything a little more ammo and I think helps with getting more trades done across the league. Hope this helps some!

I considered holding a weekly “free” FanDuel DFS contest through my league with fake FAAB money on the line, like a winner-take-all sort of scenario. Realized it might not be used all that much since our league was so small and not many people were making waiver wire moves… Still a thought, albeit kinda late…