FAAB question?

Adding FAAB this year to a long standing league and wanted to know what the best days to process waivers on? Should waivers be processed everyday except Sunday to account for late injuries or should it be everyday? I keep seeing in posts to do everyday except Tuesday? Can anyone explain why? Thanks.

You should run every day but Tuesday… We dont run Tuesday because after a big week of injuries we like a full day and half to decided on where to spend our FAAB. IF it ran on Tuesday our league would need to decided by noon and with work and life things going on it makes it difficult.
Make sure you run it on Sunday and Monday…this is due to injuries if some one goes down on Saturday or is questionable your league mates may need to make a claim for a backup before the games start.
Finally pick a time that works for the league we do noon est coast time because we are all in that time zone and want it to run 1 hour before the games start on Sunday.


Hey @boardereric9, with Yahoo I don’t think I can change my waiver time from 11:59pm PT. For us that would mean we won’t be able to put in claims the morning of a game right? We would have to have all our bids in the night before?


Correct and not sure of yahoo rules setups…dont really like there system. I prefer to use ESPN/Sleeper both have the ability to set FAAB waiver processing time.