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What setting should I choose for setting up FAAB on yahoo? Just voted to switch to FAAB in my league and I am confused on which “waiver” setting to choose. The options are none, Sunday-Tuesday, the first game of the week-Tuesday, game time-Tuesday, and continuous.

Previously, we used the standard alternating waiver order based on how often you used the waivers. The waivers processed on Wednesday and then players became free agents until the start of the game on Monday Night. What setting should I use to keep the same processing days we used before?

Would I be correct in using the continuous setting and selecting both Wednesday and Monday as the days to process waivers?

Thanks for your help. I am probably over complicating this so I apologize for the confusion.

If you want to be consistent with your previous setup, you’d want to go with “game time - tuesday”. Using continuous means there are no free agents ever.

Ok, so when are bids accepted for those free agents during the game time-Tuesday period? Or will those remaining players always be zero FAAB?

The free agents would be picked up normally (no bids needed). Bidding is only on the waivers

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If you are wanting to run FAAB bidding nearly every day or on select days then ‘continuous’ is the most fair way because there are no free agents, but it does cause you to have to prep a little differently prior to game day.

There is no incentive to spend FAAB except to get the ‘new hotness’ if all your other guys are going to be FA later on in the week.