FAAB Setup

I wanted to make sure i have the FAAB set up to run correctly for my league. Using Fantrax which has so many settings/customizations it is a bit confusing.

What i would like to see happen is each team has a $100 budget for the year. A player has 24 hours to clear waivers from the time they are cut. Highest bid wins. What happens after that is a little less clear for me. I could set it to go Free for all after waivers run for the week. I have seen some people run the waivers every day (except Tuesday) utlizing the bidding system. Any suggestions or ideas on what works best?

Also, i would love an experienced Fantrax user to maybe provide some guidance so PM me if you have set this up before in that system.

Have it reset everyday, per Ballers preferred method. That way if there is an injury in practice or something, then its still a fair bid to grab the cuff.

So set it to run every night at a certain time and leave it on bidding? Just wondering how to set this up right.

Nikolaiw84 can you point me tot he ballers preferred method?

Sorry, here is a screen shot of what my settings are set to for my league in the sleeper app. Waivers run every night except Monday night/Tuesday morning. Not sure how you set that up in your platform. I’ve never used it. And the ballers preferred method is something they talk about in the shows. I’ve not seen it in an article, but it could be out there somewhere.


Here is a screen shot of the options for Waivers.

Here is one for Free Agents

I think what you are saying is to say the Free Agent stuff to run daily except Tuesday? I was looking for the setting to make sure if a player is released after the thursday game, they aren’t available to come off waivers until Wed processing time.