FAAB VS FAAB Continuous

Which wavier format do you prefer and why?

If I understand it correctly (big IF), I say go straight FAAB. The main reason is it allows bidding for the players on waivers, making that completely fair, and it allows late pickups for Sunday contingencies.

If a player clears waivers, he should be fair game. If you want someone, bid on them. In fact, if it is someone you want but think will clear waivers, bid $0. Free agent pickups usually cost $1.

I really hate these settings on ESPN. There needs to be a setting where you can make Sundays free agents but processing on every other day of the week. I know FAAB continuous will cause issues for my league. Even though you can set it to process at 12pm on Sunday, someone is going to realize they don’t have a tight end to start or flex to start at 12:45 and be SOL…

But straight FAAB has flaws too. Say for instance player A goes down in practice with an ACL on a Wednesday. Well player B, player A’s handcuff, just became the waiver of the week, maybe even the year. It shouldn’t be first player to see the news IMO. Everyone should have a fair chance to bid. Some players cannot stay attached to their phone 24x7…

Yuck. I wish there was a setting that combined the two. Guess I will stick with regular FAAB.