FAAB vs Waiver Claims

My league is switching to FAAB this year with a $100 budget. Which system is better FAAB or Wavier Claim (go to last after use)? What budget should be used for FAAB?

There’s a footclan article that breaks it down pretty good here:
Your League Needs to Change Your Waiver System ASAP
It’s a matter of preference but the general concensus is FAAB is alot more fun what with the mind games that can come along with it.
Also, similar to auction draft, it means you always have a chance at a player (at least in the early going) and aren’t punished if you get a couple wins out the gate with a worst-first system.
The go to last after use can suck too since it punishes teams that get injuries and rewards those that may have gotten lucky with health.
If you draft David Johnson #1 overall and he goes down week 1 then you’ve lost your top pick and his replacement since you’ll be 12th in waiver claims.
In FAAB you’d likely spend high on his replacement (or whomever the waiver darling is that week) since you’d expect alot of points from that high a draft pick.
We’re working on getting it changed in our league (which is currently worst->first). The mind games alone of starting whispers of who’s bidding how much for who would be a fun exercise.

The way I see it, FAAB is a more fair system (the “best” team can’t luck into a Dion Lewis or comparable player because they happened to lose week one) and, frankly, it’s easier.

The way I sold it was by pointing out that if you absolutely NEEDED an RB, but were last in the order, you might be putting in 12 separate waiver claims just to ensure you get the position. That not only requires a lot more research, but time inputting the claim.

In comparison, with FAAB, it’s “who wants it the most”? You pay the premium if you’re in dire straits and can be casual if you’re just getting a player as a luxury. In the end, you don’t need to have a bunch of overlapping bids- you can choose how hard you go.

As for budgeting, the amount is technically irrelevant- it’s a relativity based system based on scarcity. I’d say stick to $100 because that’s what most content (such as bid suggestions) will revolve around. If you really want to make it interesting, make FAAB a tradeable asset (it requires some work on the commissioners end) and let people who want to play the waiver wire stock up on FAAB while you stock up on players.

Hope that helps!

FAAB is the way to go. No doubt about it.

But we used a smaller budget to start out just so everyone could get used to it for a year.

We did just a $25 FAAB with a min bid of 0, so we could keep some elements of the waiver system. Tie bids would go to the worst team in our system.