FAB strategy

New to FAB. Love it and pushing to get my other leagues to switch. Any thoughts on stragies.? Don’t understand the astronomical numbers being spent this early.

I get it, I was new to FAB last year. The probability of a breakout with season long value is much higher earlier in the season than it is later on. End of the season you’re spending FAB on backups, and that might get you a win, but early in the season you’re spending money on players who can contribute. For example, last year I payed up for Justing Jefferson and he ended up being a solid flex play for the rest of the season as opposed to buying Alexander Mattison for the one week that Dalvin Cook isn’t playing. Also, as long as your league has zero dollar bids, you can still pick up those backup type players a lot of the time. Don’t be afraid to spend, don’t play afraid.