FABB for Luck?!

Hey all,

Have $100 FABB to spend on the season, no zero dollars bids. How much do you blow on Luck?

Who’s your starter QB? how much do you or other league mates need him? essentially it all depends on the demand. IF none, why spend more than $1? Always consider your league needs as well.

I have Brady, prescott, and mahomes. Likely drop Prescott and Brady should be in his way down after this year. Won’t want to keep him. There are a few teams who could use him as a backup to their current starters. 10 team league with 6 bench spots. Talent just seems too good to not grab

Yea, If you can manage drop prescott. Don’t know your league style but 3 QBs seems alot to hold onto…

Yeah beyond this year though I’d like to just have luck and mahomes. How MUCH FABB is adequate?

Personally I don’t think you NEED him. So throw in like $6 just in case someone is trying to snag him for 5 or less

I was gonna say 2-4 lol

I’m confused. Assuming this is dynasty? Not sure how Luck is even available on the FAAB. He should be drafted in every single format. Also not sure why you have 3 QBs unless this is a superflex? Which wouldn’t make sense cause no1 would drop a starting QB in a superflex.

Personally, FAAB in a dynasty league isn’t worth anything to me. Especially in the pre-season. I’d be willing to drop every $ I had of my FAAB to secure a potential top 4 dynasty QB asset.

Okay so it is a 10 team dynasty/keeper league where we keep 12 players. Rosters are standard: 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, flex, d/st, k, 6 bench. I kept dak and Brady from last season and bought mahomes this year in our auction to fill out our rosters. Luck was injured and someone didn’t want to keep him. Nobody bought luck in the auction so he’s available right now. My thought is to get luck, keep mahomes, possibly keep/trade Brady this year, and just cut dak. How much of my $100 FABB is he worth knowing there’s maybe only a handful of all in guys out ready to break out on the waiver wire?