Fade Dion Lewis? #FCtitle

I’ve got a slew of flex options and Dion Lewis is one of them, is it extremely sane to just not start him?

For instance I have: Josh Reynolds, Taylor Gabriel, Mike williams, Jamaal Williams, Damien Williams, Nyheim Hines, John Kelly.

Since Dion plays on Saturday I’d rather give myself until sunday to decide between all of these jokers. Also, my opponent has Henry, so if i sit Lewis and he has a good game, its kind of a win anyway because I doubt both he and henry blow up… would be worse to start him and then have him goose while henry blows up (more likely scenario)

Thanks guys, wanna get the W

I would sit Dion. Someone in my dynasty league dropped him and he’s won two years in a row and in the title game this year. I’m starting Damien Williams with confidence. I think Mike Williams is also a decent start.

And like you said, if Henry bombs, its a win/win for you.

Would play Damien over Jamaal in your flex?

I actually think I might have to start jamaal in my RB spot, then i’m choosing between these other guys for my 2 flex spots… Unfortunately I had Kareem and Kerryon so I’m very short at RB

True, that’s a close call. Don’t worry man, I had McKinnon and Bell so how do you think my year went? lol

The ironic part is that I drafted Mckinnon, traded him away for kerryon + Shady, traded shady + someone else for Hunt…

This is also for $500 so i want to win

I feel like Jamaal is for sure getting the touches, so maybe go with him. But, Damien can boom. I usually trust Jason more than the others and he hates him. Idk man, this is a tough one. If you go based on opponent, Jamaal wins as well.

I think damien might be good whether ware is in or not, but I also have John Kelly who I might have to play if Gurley sits out, so much rides on the next two days of updates

Yeah, gotta love fantasy. However, i’m never trusting John Kelly.

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