Fade Fitzgerald this week?

I’m really having a hard time trusting the cardinals against the rams and would appreciate some help… (1/2 ppr) pick 2:

L. Fitzgerald (he’s ranked the highest, but can you trust a road game against the best D???)

C. Kupp

N. Agholor

Thank you much and good luck all

I think you have to go with Kupp and Fitzgerald. That said I don’t love Fitz on the road against a good defense either. I just personally like his talent more than Agholor and in a situation like this I’ll hope the HOF talent pulls though. Start your studs, every week can’t be perfect but season long it should get you some Ws.

I would actually go Kupp and Agholor… Kupp looked amazing last game and Agholor is the WR1 for now. Fitz usually doesn’t play well on the road especially against a good defense, but he is your stud…

I just don’t love Nick Foles. If Wentz were in I would be with you 100% but I have no confidence in Foles.

Im in the same situation man. I’m really leaning towards Cupp over Fitzgerald. I think Arizona is going to get blown out this week. They didn’t look good at home against the Redskins and the Rams have some stud corners. Their defense didn’t look great either. I think there is going to be a lot of TD’s up for grabs and Kupp looks like he’s probably going to be the redzone guy. I may even play Agholor over Fitz. Foles didn’t look great but Tampa’s defense looked miserable and they should have the ball a lot due to their great defense.

Yeah if you only have to play one I’d play Kupp over Fitz. But I’d stick with Fitz over Agholor.

Well, it’s official, I think I’m going to fade Fitzy this week. If there’s one week to do it, I believe it’s a week like this. I’ll be starting Kupp and with Alshon/Sproles out, I’m gonna give Agholor a shot. Hope I don’t regret it and thanks again for the input.

Now I’m tilting a little and may go with Fitz over kupp. If AZ is down a lot, he may see a ton of targets and he is out if the slot. Damn I hate these decisions. Seems whatever way I go is the opposite. Just keep thinking that he is the proven stud and may have a higher floor. If anyone is still following this I could use some further help. Thanks!