Fading Kenny Golladay?

Normally I wouldn’t panic about a player after one bad week, but after 2 it starts to become an issue. His whopping 2 points sunk my team like an anchor this week (he wasn’t alone, but didn’t help).

1 target for the game, 2 targets from last week’s game! I was high on him for awhile, but it’s time to move on, right?

If by move on you mean drop, then definitely not. If by move on you mean trade, only if you get legit wr2 value in return. If by move on you mean bench until he starts producing again, not necessarily but maybe depending on your other options.

Any of the above could be options. By move on, I definitely mean “no longer start for the forseeable future.” I can’t get by with 1 and 2 targets a game. Granted, he’s my flex options, so I do have other options. I just had higher hopes after his awesome start to the year.

Yeah generally I would still be willing to start a player like that and assume it is a fluke couple of weeks, but his upcoming schedule is brutal. If you have another strong flex options I agree it’s time to sit him till he proves it.