Fair and Timely Trade?

I have Kamara, and Jacobsin week 7 with Booker & A. Robinson on the bench. I’m stocked with WR with Godwin, Samuel, Patterson (WR/RB) - all starting week 7 with Diggs, Lamb and M. Jones Jr. on the bench with byes this week. In week 8 Jacobs is on bye so I’m left with Kamara, Patterson, and Booker. Someone offered me Barkley & B. Cooks for Samuel and Patterson. I’ll have the starting and backup Giants RB for week 7 & 8. I’ll be in flux week 7 depending on Barkley’s status and week 8 I should have lots of WR options so only need 2 RB. Thoughts on this Barkley & B. Cooks trade to me for Patterson and Samuel today?