Fair compensation for Tony Pollard

I picked him up in a 10-team .5 PPR league and would like to trade him to the Zeke owner. My RBs are pretty stacked (DJ, Freeman, Jacobs, Carson).

What do you think is fair compensation? I want to make a good offer, but not just give away a potential high RB performer, especially since he would start him and if I just go for a depth player I’m not sure I’m maximizing my trade potential.

He has:

WR - K Allen, Kupp, Cooper, Sanders, Gordon, Fuller
RB - Zeke, Sony, Eckler
TE - Kittle

In addition to my RBs I’ve got Julio, Thielen, Alshon, Samuel, and Pettis. My TE is Mark Andrews.

I’d love to package something for Kittle, like Andrews, Pollard, and what?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!