Fair deal or poop on a stick? ROS Alshon for Ekeler

1/2 PPR, PP First Down, points per carry, and increasingly more bonus points for plays longer than 20 yards.

Got offered Alshon by someone desperate at RB. My RB/WR is set like this:

WR: Landry/Callaway/Woods/Fuller (Q)/Godwin

RB: Kamara/Ingram/D. Cook/Gilly Gumdrops (for Saints depth)/B. Powell/Ekeler

My QB is Wentz and I am rolling him out every week. Is this a good deal, or will this come back to haunt me? Alshon will attract shutdown corners, and Wentz LOVES to throw to the tight end position. Ekeler is little more than a fill-in/FLEX option based on matchup and bye weeks (and the health of Will Fuller (Q)).

I would probably take the tradeā€¦Ekeler is too inconsistent to become an every week starter IMO