Fair for a championship game?

I have made it to the championship game. The team I am playing came in first in the regular season and I came in second and we have been 1 and 2 pretty much of the year. He proposed that we have a little fun in the championship game and make it interesting. His proposal is that we play only players we pick up off the FA list as of this Saturday at noon and split the winnings down the middle no matter the outcome. Do you see this as any kind of issue with others in the league as some bigger names may be dropped to make room for our moves? The other option we discussed is not picking up anyone and only playing a QB, 1 WR, 1 RB, a TE and leaving the other roster spots empty and playing what we think are our best of the best on our teams.

Haha … how about you each only play a kicker.
Every other starter spot is empty with the rest of your team on the bench

It depends. Do you pay out for 3rd place finish? If so then I agree with @ECC idea more. The reason being is if you guys drop all your studs, then that means whoever has the higher waiver priority in the 3rd place game is going to get one hell of a steal. Personally, if I was in the 3rd place game and my opponent randomly was able to grab Saquon Barkley I’d be upset.

One idea also would be that each of you has to play two players from Waivers/FA that is under 20% owned in your starting lineup. That way you are still keeping your studs on your team and not effecting another matchup, but still have a bit of a wild card factor in it.

If we do it, we aren’t going to drop until after noon on saturday which puts everyone we drop into the next waiver add so by the time they could be picked back up the games will all be played except for a Monday night game.

Personally I think it’s fine. You guys made it to the championship, so you’ve earned the right to have some fun. As long as it doesn’t hose someone else then I don’t see why you can’t have a gentlemen’s agreement on how to play it.

I’m not a fan. I’m oldschool and play the best that you can period. Whoever got you there should be in your championship unless there’s a waiver add due to injuries.

You spend the entire season crafting your team, did everything you could to get to this moment(championship game), and will now throw it away just to make it diferent? Im not a fan to be honest, especially if there is money involved. But its your choice man haha if its more fun for you this way, than do it

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