Fair game to pull Monday night starter to insure top waiver pick

I’m losing my Standard league matchup by 9 pts. I have Marvin Jones tonight, my opponent has Amari Cooper and Rams D. Our league is behind the times and doesn’t use FAB. We use record and pts scored to assign waiver order. I’m thinking about pulling Jones to insure a top waiver pick (lose with fewest pts). Normally I would never consider this, but I have
Fournette and TJ Yeldon is available on waivers. Am I crazy? If not, is this fair game?

I personally do not tank any weeks on purpose. 9 pts is not insurmountable by any means and anything can happen. What if Jones goes like 5/120 and 2 TDs. You would feel like an absolute idiot for sitting him and taking an L if some how later down the road you miss playoffs by 1 game or lose favorable seeding by 1 game. Always play for the win.

Also, as good as yeldon is, I wouldn’t tank a loss and use a #1 priority on him. Especially since Fournette could easily just show up next week.

You never know how things are gonna go through the season, there are only 13 games and a win means more than one player, there will be plenty of waivers through the season, if its me I go for the W

I think a lot of people misunderstand rolling waivers questions. My league is the same way… if you are going to lose this week then this is a valid question. If you could win by starting Jones then you should start him. Down by 9 and playing Cooper and the Rams D does not mean its completely lost… I would actually recommend playing him and hoping he has a big game, you would regret taking the L if he does for 3 TDs.

That said, if you want to take the L, only do it if you are sure you have the least points in the league and would be the top priority, you would hate to take the L and then end up 3rd right?

My team totally failed me this week so your post gave me a little boost in reminding me that I will have the # 1 waiver locked up, thanks!

Thanks man for being a sound board. You’re probably right.

Thanks man

Thanks man. I cant guarantee a # 1 waiver pick. It depends on how some other team’s players do tonight. I’ll probably stay put and roll the dice on Jones. #YouPlayToWinTheGame

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Sounds like you got it decided but yeah play Jones, then still try to grab Yeldon off waivers. If you don’t successfully snag Yeldon then you have early priority on the week one drops (which can be sweet pickings in some leagues).

Good point. Appreciate the feedback

Dont forget to take into account that his receiver is playing his defense. So it’s possible that if cooper has a big game it will take points away from his defense and they will nerf each other. It’s completely possible that you could sneak the win with jones

That’s a valid point. Thanks man.