Fair game to take advantage of new owners?

I just traded away K. Cole for Clement. The owner is playing his first year of fantasy football. I don’t think he knows Ajayi was placed on IR and Clement is line for massive work and I was able to talk up Cole’s value. Should I feel bad for taking advantage of the new guy?

No. Your doing your duty as a fantasy player. He will learn from his mistakes. Especially if this is a money league. You can’t baby him lol.

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Not really taking advantage of anyone. Cole is a talented WR. Clement is coming back from an injury, in a RBBC, and with the Eagles actively looking for another RB addition.

When I’m making a trade, I typically inform them of stuff like that before a trade, mainly cause I want to keep trade lines open in the long term. I am typically the most active trader in my leagues so don’t want to burn bridges.

Having said that, if you choose not to do so, it’s totally fair game. It’s their duty to stay informed. Before accepting a trade, they could’ve easily googled Corey Clement and would’ve got the news. If they’re too lazy to do that step, it’s not really your fault.

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