Fair offer for CMC

The owner is struggling and just gave away OBJ for nothing. What would be a fair trade for mccafrey.

standard league
I have
RB: Zeke, Mccoy, Thompson, Ito Smith
WR: Cooks, Keenan Allen, AB, Snead

If it’s PPR I’d say Allen+McCoy/Thompson
Not saying I’d do it, but I think that’s fairly even, depending on whether you think Allen will get hot

i was hoping to keep allen because i think he will blow up. How about thompson and ito smith? or thompson and cooks?

You’d have to start at McCoy + Cooks in standard league I think and go from there.
CMC has a lot of value in a PPR league but when it comes to standard, it goes down slightly given Newton and his TD vulture ways. Maybe you can point that out? But I wouldn’t be looking to rip off another player.

I personally don’t think you have the depth to really go after CMC.

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