Fair offer for Ertz?

10 team PPR league.

Thinking of offering E. Engram and Golladay to to a WR-needy team in exchange for Ertz. Too low?

Think I would prefer Engram and Golladay to Ertz.

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I think that’s about fair… Especially if you are good at WR and he is lacking… Which is possible… But in a 10 team league most teams should have depth or there is depth on the waiver wire.

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Yea , I’d agree too… looks like you are offering way too much for Ertz.

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What would be a more even trade?

I figured Ertz is a top 3 TE so would have to pay to get him. (and his value increases with Wentz back)

I’m looking for more consistency from TE. I don’t know if Engram will be consistent week to week. And while I like Golladay, right now he’s buried behind M. Thomas, D. Thomas, and D. Adams on my roster.

Ebron available… He will shine with A Luck

Ebron is not available. There is little to nothing available in way of TE on our waivers.

My dilemma too… I am flying with Jesse James this week in several head to head matchups. TE almost becoming a week to week streamer position.

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I like my leauges best that dont use dedicated TE… Flex instead…RB/WR/TE

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Our league is also Flex R/W/T