Fair offer?

In a family league and everyone doesn’t know players as well as others. Person is 2-6 with the following team: QBs: Newton and Brees WRs: Landry, M.Thomas, A.Brown, Crowder RBs: Montgomery, Henry, Coleman, Duke Johnson TEs: Fleenerand Cook.

I dont want to take advantage of this person so is offering Hopkins, Evan Engram, and Hogan fair for Antonio?

Maybe something besides hogan so since he is hurt

I have Darkwa and AP? One of them?

AP, Hopkins, Engram seems pretty fair for 2-6 and needs players I wouldn’t accept it personally but it does seem fair for the situation if you wanna be really fair maybe Hogan and Darkwa or AP but depends on how nice you want to be;)

If you were a different team in the league would you be mad at the trade. I’m currently 8-0

If they are 2-6 they need help don’t think it’s bad your getting a top 15 WR ROS Top 5 TE and Top 25 RB but it’s a family thing so Idk how much they look into players and not just names

Some do some don’t. Lol the rest of my team by draft is Gurley, Evans, Melvin Gordon, Gronk, and then i traded CJ Anderson and Keenan Allen for Zeke