Fair Play question

I’m in a 10-team keeper ESPN league ($25 fee), entering the playoffs (top 4 teams playing two 2-wk rounds) and we have a late trade deadline, next week. This week I offered a team (out of the playoffs) a trade.

I get: Davante Adams, Josh Adams, and Tarik Cohen
They get: David Johnson, Tyler Boyd, Cameron Brate

In the various “trade analyzers” I have used, it shows the trade virtually dead-even, but the trade was vetoed under the league rules, which require minimum 4 teams to vote “no.” Does not say who or how many voted. I am currently in 3rd place with the standings, so playing the 2nd place team in the playoffs (and I am also last year’s league winner).

While there are very few trades in our league each year, this is the first one to be vetoed. I was somewhat shocked. Commissioner explained it’s part of “checks and balances.” Question: with such rules in place, is it fair game to reject a trade for any reason? I thought it was to allow more than just the commissioner to determine if a trade was “fair and balanced”, but maybe I’m wrong, or maybe the perception is that the trade is very lopsided. Any insight is appreciated.

I do not like trades that are vetoed like that however you decided to play in this league with the rule that if four people veto it doesn’t go through so I think its fine for them to veto. You would definitely be getting the better of that trade but imo it is not something that should have ever been vetoed. Try to make it a commish only veto when there is collusion next year.

I’m a commish for two leagues and had to face a similar issue a week ago. Personally I dont like any trades after week 10 as most teams are trying to get into playoffs and any trades can make a significant diff. 4 people vetoing is ESPN standard and I’m ok with that. Having said that I agree you are getting a better deal of the trade. If majority of the league is against a trade I wouldn’t get involved to change it. Good luck!