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Fair Trade After Draft?


Standard League Scoring my league mate after the draft has offered the following trade:

Team 1 (My team):
Martavis Bryant (WR) and Leonard Fournette (RB)


Team 2:
Aj Green (WR) and Joe Mixon (RB)

I also have Freeman and Ajayi at RB so Fournette was my flex. Thoughts?


Yeah you have to do that, your getting a better player both times, Fournette will likely be better early but that’s more than being made up for with the WR’s side


My other WR’s are Sammy Watkins, D Thomas, DeVante Parker, Jeremy Maclin. So I think AJ Green could be a good #1 rather than Bryant.


DO THIS TRADE. Start Aj every week and stash joe mixon until he blows up


Take this trade and run.