Fair Trade, Bad Trade or Trade Rape? Not sure

Is this a fair trade, bad trade, or trade rape? I honestly have no idea, just thought of it and wanted input
My team:
Gurley and Davante Adams


Opp: A. Kamara and Melvin Gordon

My other WR: Cooks, Kupp, Lockett, Shepard and other RB: Mccoy, Conner, A. Jones, Collins

His other WR: Will Fuller, Calvin Ridley, Baldwin, Keelan Cole and other RB: Michel, Cook, Cohen, Murray

if its an unfair trade who else do you think I could send to make it fair?

Sorry this was long but im 2-2 and last 2 loses have been frustrating losing by 1 point and .5 lol plus I have no reliable RB depth besides Gurley

They might accept that actually. definitely would benefit both of you imo. Id send it and see what happens. Trying cant hurt!

I aint mad at the move, but take adams out and plug in Kupp or Cooks then go from there.

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Thanks for the help, appreciate your input!

would not be a bad idea to start with cooks or kupp since they are coming off of huge weeks

yeah but i feel he would definitely reject kupp because he’s reliably comparable to either of the two RBs he would be giving up. He may go for cooks, i’m going to see if he bite on that and if not cooks then i can try sending adams? I wish Mccoy was producing so i could have gotten rid of him lol

If I was the other dude theres no way I trade Kamara and Melvin. Sure he could use a wr but why would he trade certain production from 2 guys for the similar production of one? Maybe im just more down on your Wrs than the rest of yall are.

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I have mccoy and I am starting him the rest of the season as I have no other RBs besides Zeke. I have faith he will turn it around. The coaching staff said after the game and on monday that they need to get the ball to mccoy more.

Yeah that’s fair,I see your point. Though, I think Adams value will increase the more Rodgers feels better as the season progress.