Fair Trade? Brown for Mixon

I just offered Malcolm Brown for Mixon and it was accepted. Brown has a lot of potential in that offense, but I liked Mixon’s established role.

Was this a good trade?

I hate to say it i dont, Malcolm brown has value for now but for how long, Rams are going to start getting Akers more involved eventually (Mid-season maybe earlier) will take over the lead back role. Mixon had an off game and is a solid back wanting to prove that hes worth his new contract.
Hey maybe im wrong, but i hope it works out for you

I got Mixon in the trade. Was trying to make sure the trade wasn’t too one- sided.

If you are the one getting mixon that’s perfect. I don’t think brown will continue that fantasy production. Was an off game for mixon. Selling high on brown and turn it into mixon I think is a good trade!

Oh my bad i misread your post lol
Then yes very good trade

Too one sided??? Mixon waaaay better

Whoever is getting Mixon hit the button ASAP.

That’s called stealing…and I love it!
Nice trade.