Fair Trade for both side?

I have Burkhead and Thielen trading for Royce freeman and allen robinson


10man league

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I’d keep Burkhead and Thielen.

I would make that trade. I actually like both the guys you get better then what you have. Burkheads knee scares me and with everyone else getting touches and I think diggs is the favorite over thielen. Royce is head and shoulders over the rest of the RBs in Denver and Allen Robinson is the best receiving threat in Chicago.

thanks for the input guys. any other advice?

I’m making this trade. Love Royce. This is the cheapest you’re going to get him this year, imo.

ok thanks footclan

Deal looks “fair” but I’m with Keeno here. I’d rather hold onto Theilen and Burkhead. We’ve been spoiled by over-performing rookie running backs recently but the history of the NFL beyond this tells a different story. Love Freeman but you are giving up too much proven talent for unproven talent. Good luck.


Also very true…

the thing is I have Diggs as well as Thielen. lol I know 2 wideouts on same team is bad but I had to choose him for the value he was at.

ahhh what to do.