Fair trade for Gurley and Aj Green?

Had an offer in one league andni’m seriously considering it.

I give up:
Aj Green

I get:
Devonta Freeman
Antonio Calloway
Ian Thomas
2019 1.05
2019 1.11
2020 1st
2020 1st

Te premium/ 2qb league. Got 6th place last year.


Super conflicted.

Do you consider yourself a contender?

Agreed if your in rebuild it’s fair value. But if your not and you are contending i would keep what you have.

Really appreciate your guys insight. I got 6th place seeding and got 4th on the year and ended up 3rd in power rankings. I guess i’m not really in rebuild mode…lol…little worried that Gurley is majorly hurt and this seems like full price for sure.

Think i might just counter gurley for the 4 1st and Freeman and see what happens so i can keep Aj green.

Thanks again with the great insight!

If you are a contender, I’d keep Gurley.

The hit rate on picks is so small. You would essentially have to hit on 3 of the 4 firsts to get value. That seems like a tall task.

If you’re rebuilding than I would do it. Gives you a better chance of getting a higher pick with your own. 4 firsts for any player is a lot.

I would worry in that I do not think 2019 is a strong class. There might be a player or two that impacts this year, but they will likely be gone by your 1.05. I know it is always a crap shoot, but I am just not feeling the class at this point. And what I do like is WR. Losing Gurly I do not think you will replace him this year and you are keeping a strong WR (albeit an older one).

I suppose Freeman is a nice RB2 with upside, but do not worry about Gurley end of this season. I think you might be giving up too much.

Like others note, if you are in more of a rebuild mode then I can see it. Perhaps you can move the 1st picks 2019 for another strong asset? In the end, it feel close to a wash from a value, but then you need to hit on your picks like @fun4willis notes. That is not an easy thing to do.

I would proceed with caution.