Fair trade for the Bell owner

McCaffrey for James Conner and Sammy Watkins

I’m assuming the Bell owner has McCaffrey?

If I am the Bell owner I don’t do this trade. You’re ultimately losing Bell and CMC for Conner. People have to remember that while Conner has shown potential, there is no guarantee he ends up being a stud RB. Stick with the already proven player in CMC and wait for Bell to come back or get traded

Not to mention, Cleveland’s top 8 against the RUN. I think, even if Connor starts this week, he doesn’t get a lot done which will drive his value down some.

Im with Forty on this

I was worried about that too, but I honestly think this bickering between Bell and PIT has gone on so long, that PIT will intentionally give Conner as much work as they can. Just to show they don’t need Bell. Even though we all know they do.

I also say this with my fingers crossed because I snagged Conner and am playing him against the Bell owner. LOL

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Forty you know I am a bell owner so I can relate to this. But I think the biggest concern is IF Bell holds out to week 10

Yeah I feel yuh on that. I really can’t imagine him sacrificing that much money. But who knows… This is such a crazy situation. Either way, I would hold tight for at least one week and see if anything changes one way or the other next week.

Just glad my trade for the #1 overall pick pre-draft got turned down. Counting my lucky stars.

I lost McKinnon so I’m rolling with RBs like James Conner, Lynch,Rex,Kerryon,Wilkins. I’m in a Standard League and I’m trying to beef up my RB situation. He counter offered me, with James Conner Antonio Brown. So I declined

He does have Alex Collins though