Fair trade for WR?

I was wondering what would be considered a fair trade if I traded away. Kyler Murray or Josh Allen. I’m trying to get a decent WR or maybe a RB back but not sure how to gauge their value. Would I probably have to throw someone else into to trade too? Or do they both not have enough value to trade becuz of their position. QB is pretty thin in Free agency in my league tho.

Depends on the other teams QB situation and depth at the other spots. Hard to give advice with any particulars.

Both those QBs are pretty replaceable in my opinion so I doubt they’d be considered “trade bait.” Without particulars I think you’ll need to offer a 2-for-1 to get anything decent.

I’ve been in a similar situation rostering Lamar and Brady and still haven’t gotten the right 2-for-1 to move Brady even though he’s QB4

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