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Fair Trade for Zeke Advice


Good Morning (or Afternoon)!

I’m currently in trade talks with one of my league mates in a 10-Team 0.5 PPR redraft league. I wanted to try and get Zeke, but I feel like the guy I’m trying to trade is asking for too much. Below is an image of our respective teams. I told him that I wasn’t willing to let go of Jordy Nelson, Michael Thomas, or Jay Ajayi for Zeke; and that I would’ve drafted him if I was willing.
Below is an image of our teams:

Please let me know what you think a fair trade would be for him! Thank you #FUTClan in advance!

Grade My Draft Please!

I don’t think it would work right now. His value is too high but if his team falters in the first 3 weeks he may feel the need to make a move.


I wouldn’t bother with the trade right now. He’s hurting over in RB land while you are already pretty solid.


Yeah I have a feeling he’s going to start panicking, maybe even after week 1. His RBs are pretty weak until zeke gets back so he may lower his draft value soon… you’re winning right now, I’d just wait him out, especially since you’d be low on high potential WRs if you trade Thomas or Jordy


I agree with everyone here. Your team is much better than his and unless you get a really good deal I would not make the trade. You just simply don’t need to do it.


What is he asking for? A straight up trade, one of you’re WR’s like Nelson or Thomas for Zeke?


Yeah. That’s exactly it, he wants Nelson or Thomas, but if I wanted Zeke for either of them I would’ve just drafted him instead.
I was trying to get him before his appeal though, think it might go well today.


Yeah. Nelson is too much. And Thomas is about the same, yeah you could of had him instead. Zeke isn’t back until week 8 most likely. Doesn’t make a lot of sense for you, you’re right.
“Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk believes there is a very good chance Zeke plays week 1.”

Only if you knew there was more belief. Lol.


You’re telling me. It’s risky business.
I was trying to get another RB because Spencer Ware is out. My team has been dropping like flies between him and Meredith.
Who do you think I could get with a package of a couple of my worse players?


You’re not going to get any deal by packaging a couple of you’re worse players. I really wouldn’t panic, for the season hasn’t started yet. Mike Gillislee may be you’re hero, and we’ll see how the Patriots backfield shapes up with that. You have Abdullah, he’s looked good in the preseason.
But it seems you are lacking with WR depth more so with only Chris Hogan on the bench for now.
Just be patient. And see how things play out.