Fair Trade? K.Hunt and receive Z.Ertz and D.Freeman

Hello Footclan,

In a standard league would this be a fair trade or not in your opinion?


I’d say it’s fair just because Ertz has been so good. Especially if you’re hurting at TE.


Thats a tough one… id probably lean towards doing it… my only hesitation is Freeman beinf injured… if you need a good TE it doesnt get much better than Ertz

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I currently have bell, a.jones, drake, ty monty, lewis and Mcfadden as my rbs with Hunt
Wr’s are m.thomas, k.allen, baldwin, goodwin and doctson
TE has been ASJ for majority of season with Smith as my QB

Its a 12 team league and 2 flex spot so its been hard to find and grab much on waivers. Currently 4-4 and just thinking of ways to improve my squad. Ive turned down an Ajayi trade where he wanted both packers RB’s

In standard its fair. Hunt has been primarily a 1st and 2nd down back with West or Spiller coming in on passing downs. Also Hunt hasn’t scored a TD since Week 3. Ertz has been a TD machine as Wentz’s primary redzone target. Freeman racks up the yardage each week consistently though not overwhelmingly.


I think I’d do it. And I’m a Hunt owner. As good as Hunt is/can be… your RB depth would still be a solid unit plus your TE depth would be significantly better.

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I am a Hunt owner as well and also a Jordan Reed owner. So I’ve been frustrated recently with KC offense under utilizing Hunt and of course not having a reliable TE.

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Yes, Hunt and KC offense the most frustrating part of my team. Not really Hunt’s fault, it’s the team. They don’t give him the ball enough!

Sucks knowing what he is capable of and not getting the opportunities. Why is is not on the field on 3rd down in pass catching situations drives me nuts. He is much better in space than running between the tackles. Let him catch the ball more!

My league’s also PPR if you couldn’t tell.

Hunt was great at the start but I’m worried that the long season might grind him down a bit. I was hoping that Ertz would be a game winner with his TD potential.

Only other option with this trade is the guy has Murray sat on his bench.

Would this still be fair going for Murray and Ertz?

As murray rest of season schedule looks really good if Titans can get going

Couldn’t agree more with you. I hate this notion that all teams need a 3rd down back…why! Just play your best players and Hunt is one of their best and far better than west/spiller.

Look at the first few games he was in on every down nearly and was crushing and grinding down teams

Also throw in the inevitable fact that some of those 1st and 2nd down plays they waste a handoff to Hill or that stupid little shovel pass to Kelce. Those are even more wasted opportunities for Hunt. The Chiefs can be too tricky for their own good.

Hand off/dump off pass to Hunt and throw deep to Kelce and Hill. Not that hard lol.

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Exaxtly… look at zeke… hell pop off 4 1 yard carries in a row… you know what they do? Come back out next srive and feed him… if Hunt has a bad carry he doesnt see the ball for 2 drives… and thats like 28 minutes of game play bc fat dipshit reid likes to soak up every last second of that playclock… the chiefs pace of play is absolutely pathetic… watch them on a drive where theyre hurrying a bit… it runs so smooth and just looks perfect… hunt will rip off a nice gain… smith will complete a bunch of passes and its an effortless TD… but as soon as theyre up Reid decides he wants to try to hold the ball as long as possible… thats the real problem in KC… when your offense moves that slow youre constantly playing a fresh defense rather than keepinf them on their heals.

I’d get that Ajayi trade back in my opinion.

I ended up keeping Hunt. Managed to get J.Ajayi for M.Thomas which I’m happy with.
Got Baldwin and Allen as my main WR’s.
Also managed to get R.Woods for my Ty Monty so I feel good now with my team.
In a 12 team league with 2 flex positions I’ve managed to wrangle a few trades and currently have this as my squad:

Bell, Hunt, Ajayi, Lewis, Drake, R.Smith
Baldwin, K.Allen, Goodwin, Woods
ASJ, Clay