Fair trade of Yeldon to Fournette owner?

I have Yeldon. Another team has Fournette. We’ve gone back and fourth on trade proposals but I’m at a spot now where I feel a trade isn’t possible. In your opinion, what would be a good offer sending Yeldon to the Fournette owner?

Fournette Roster
QB: Rivers
RB’s: Fournette, Miller, Barber, Cohen
WR’s: Green, Thielen, Sanders, Jones Jr, Nelson
TE/Def/ K: Ebron, Njoku, Rams, Tucker

Yeldon Roster
QB: Wentz
RB’s: Gordon, Collins, Ingram, Ajayi, Yeldon, Jones
WR’s: OBJ, Hilton, Davis, Agholor, Boyd
TE/Def/K: Ertz, Seattle, Parkey

There is great uncertainty to how long Fournette will be out which makes it difficult to value Yeldons worth…Since you are trading him to the Fournette owner, that guarantees him a JAX RB which does have value…

Looking at his team I am not interested in any of his RB, you already have good depth at RB anyway…
You have good WRs as well, and I doubt he would give up Green Thielen or Sanders in any package with Yeldon…

So I would really like to get RAMS defense and Justin Tucker in exchange for Yeldon
That would secure you weekly starters at those positions without worrying about streaming D…


l’d see if you can get Green or Thielen out of it. Maybe Yeldon + Hilton/Boyd for Thielen.

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I was considering offering that, but the return just feels low to me. I can’t decide if I prefer that to no deal at all. Streaming those positions is a pain, but I can get comparable value many weeks by streaming. Cohen is on bye so he’s looking at starting Miller and Barber at RB even if he wanted to risk it with Cohen.

Ideally, yes, but I get the sense he wouldn’t go for that. I was considering offering Boyd + Yeldon for Green, but is that insulting to the Green owner? It seems like an extra complication that both Boyd and Green play for Cinci. Green is a big name. Boyd actually has more targets, more catches, more yards but half the TD’s on the year. I guess it depends how high you are on Boyd ROS.