Fair Trade Value

With Andrew Luck retiring, what do you think fair trade value is for TY Hilton? Or do you think it is too early to pull the plug on Hilton?

I think it’s too early too pull the plug on him, Jacoby has been in the system now for a good amount of time to learn, compared to 2017. He has good potential. I say hold up, see how they look then go from there.

It will be a shame if you sell TY for cheap then has a productive year.

Yeah, I’d be kicking myself if I did trade him and he has a productive year. Thanks for your feedback.

I’m an avid colts fan. I have followed everyday of camp. I can tell you TY is fine, his trade stock has been over corrected and you won’t get as much for him now as he is worth. He’s worth the hold. Jacoby has been throwing him the ball all camp and been there plenty of time that the chemistry will be there. Doyle and TY will be fine. The others will have regression.

If your looking to trade him, wait until he has a good game in the first few weeks. He is probably at his lowest value right now.

good advice… thanks

Thats great to hear! I am really counting on him to have a big year. Jacoby has had more time to build chemistry with him. Thanks for your feedback.

Id wait for a boom game or two and move on personally, thats my plans with marlon

for sure, thats a much better plan. I just got to be patient… I appreciate the feedback.