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Fair Trade?


A member of my dynasty league is open to trading Odell Beckham for depth at WR (yep…) and long term security at QB, meanwhile, what I really want is his 1.05 (I have 1.01 and am looking to pick up Corey Davis and one of the big four RBs)

Is this fair or will it cause the rest of my league to come after me with pitch forks? (most of them live in WI and have access to pitch forks…)

Kelvin Benjamin
John Brown
Brandon Marshall
2018’s 1st Round


2018’s 2nd Round


I don’t always stand by their valuations but according to Dynasty Trade Calculator you are deserving of the pitch forks lol


Oh, this is the message for if you are on the side receiving Odell, etc:
“So, in exchange for the island of Manhattan…we would like to offer…
this 8-track of Steely Dan and this puka shell necklace. If you don’t, people will remember this for centuries as the worst deal ever.”


Dude, you’re running the house with this one in my opinion. I say pull the trigger and let the cards fall where they may. No collusion, clean trade.


Haha, yea if you aren’t the commissioner and there are no rules explicitly banning this I’d say do it too.


Take it if he will do it. Although it’s a terrible idea for him!


I’m a firm believer of allowing owners to run their teams as they see fit. If this guy wants to trade a stud WR for depth and a QB, that is his prerogative. If he’s good with the deal, pull the trigger.

The other owners aren’t mad about the “uneven” deal - they are mad they didn’t make an offer to acquire Beckham.


yeah man, if they are willing then do it. bend them over a barrel and show them all 50 states if you know what i mean. everyone you are giving him, besides maybe dak, is probably going to be a bum this year. but dak is also easy to replace with just about anyone on the waiver. so hell yeah do it.


“No, I don’t know what that means”
“ohh, its a saying…”


haha im glad someone got the reference