Fair trade? :)

Would you trade Eifert/Chris Carson away for Ertz? Eifert is too big of a bandaid for me to trust anymore, and I don’t think Carson is going to pan out as much as everyone thinks. I could be wrong though

Assuming this is .5 or full point PPR. If you’ve got good depth at RB I’d do it. Carson could very well be a RB2 by season end. Would you trade a top 20 back for a top 5 TE?

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Seeing the amount of targets ertz gets intrigued me. I don’t have crazy RB depth, but I feel like it’s not bad for a full PPR league. I have hunt, Cohen, Gore, Thomson and Carson for RBS. All my WRs are 100% studs so they play every week and hunt is an auto start as well

Just depends on how much you value TE. Ertz has missed some games in the past too. I’d just be scared to give away a potential RB1, but I’m always super conservative when it comes to trades.

Yeah me too. I’m currently sitting at 2-0 for 1st in that league so maybe I should just sit tight. The season is still young and I don’t wanna screw myself over

I’m the same way, but I’ve always got the itch to make a trade. Hard not to scratch sometimes.