Fair Trading Examples

Hi FootClan

I’m a second year player and a first time league commissioner. I’m keen to get some trades going in the league and have been trying myself to have some trades accepted (with no joy).

Can you please help me get to grips with the type of trades that are fair. Examples are always best, so I’ve set out my team and a few others below. For me, I’d like to pick up J. Taylor or Hopkins.

Thanks everyone!

RB - Jacobs, Drake, J. Robinson, Akers, Gaskin and D. Harris
WR - Ridley, McLaurin, Woods, Boyd, J. Brown, Reagor, T. Smith
TE - Cook
QB - Stafford

Team 1:
RB - Cook, J. Taylor, Cohen, Moss, Hines
WR - Golladay, M. Brown, Jeudy, Pittman, Ruggs, P. Campbell
TE - Hurst
QB - Jackson, Burrow

Team 2:
RB - Henry, M. Davis, J. White, Lindsay, L. Murray
WR - Hopkins, Smith-Schuster, Hilton, R. Anderson, M. Williams
TE - Andrews, Hooper
QB - Wilson, Goff

To get Taylor, you would probably have to send over both Drake and Woods (you could maybe ask for Pittman or Burrow in return too).
To get Hopkins, I would send over Drake and Reagor or Boyd (the Hopkins owner should be more desperate for RBs)

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