Fair value for Tyreek in Dynasty?

I’ve been offered Jerry Jeudy, a '22 1st round pick, and a '23 1st round pick for Tyreek.

12 team, 3 WR, Half PPR league.

It’s our first year, and in our startup auction I went WR heavy (Hill, Lamb, Ridley). Really bad luck - lost Dobbins and Mostert early. So, I’m sitting at 1-4 with not much hope…a few teams clearly paid up to win-now, so there’s no way I can compete this year.

I think that’s a fair offer for Hill from a win-now team. I know Tyreek still has a few amazing years ahead of him, but I’m high on Jeudy, and with Lamb + Ridley already in my WR core, I think JJ + the draft picks are too much to pass up. Dobbins will be back next year, and I’ll have 4 first round picks over the next 2 seasons. I think that’ll give me a great shot to compete by '23.


That’s close in my opinion. The only caveat is how strong the other team is. If they are going to be in championship contention, those two 1st round picks aren’t nearly the value that a top 3 pick is. But in a vacuum, I’d definitely be thinking about it.