Fairbairn ruined my fantasy season

Good job crap Texans for notbeing able to finish there drives

LOL. May be just the opposite for me. I just got 22 PPR pts off Fairbairn. My opponent this week got a GOOSE EGG from Keenan and 8 whopping pts from Tyreek Thursday night. :joy:

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Whoops. Sorry @Pmanningthegoat. Didn’t mean to sound like I found your loss humorous. :roll_eyes:

Are you completely finished???

He has played mahomes, kelce, fairbairn, damien Williams and justin jackson. He scored 92 points on a projected 75. so hes doing decent. He still has curtis samuel, dalvin cook, and sterling Shepard to go. I had badgley tank on me 3 points. Luckily still have Gurley, cmc, Diggs, Schuster, gronk, amari, matt ryan, and jags d going. It says projections are even.

Looks to me like you still have a really great chance. AND…we all know how those “projections” pan out sometimes. BUT…on that same note…projections have me pulling this one off by 30 pts. So…we’ll see.

Got Chubb playing now, and Russell Wilson, Dav Adams, Evans, Gurley, A Jones, Brate and BUF still to play.

He’s got Goff, Zeke, Mixon, Amari, Jared Cook, JAGS and Justin Tucker yet to play.

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!! :+1: Pulling for ya buddy!!!

Thanks alot pal. Good luck to you as well. Hoping we both win so we can talk about our championship matches next week

I sure like the way you think!!! :grinning:

Badgely got me last week. A week later he has like 4 pts.

It’s sickening, but I still like kickers but man I also hate kickers.

I think they are a needed evil as they often counter act what the defense does. If you only have a def and no kicker and your opponents defense has a blow up day then you almost always lose, but if their defense does good and there kicker not so much then your kicker/def both do average then you can usually match up with them within a few points combined for both categories.

I KNOW @psychosem17. Can’t believe Fairbairn has come through for me this much!!! BUT…he’s gotten me 46 PPR points the past 3 weeks. FROM A KICKER…NO LESS!!! lol

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All a matter of perspective… I’m loving the man right now! Sorry you were on the wrong end tonight

Don’t put too much stock in projections though. You still have a lot of studs to play yet. I was projected to lose by 15 this week and now I’m projected to win by 30 because my opponent played Mahomes, Hill, Allen, Lindsay, and Butker for a whopping 30 points. It’s all a crapshoot.