False mock draft scenarios

I have watched you guys for two seasons now and first want to let you know that it has boosted my FFB knowledge and love your podcast format. In the past I have done my own research comparing offensive lines, players on good teams but horrible defenses. The way you guys break down a show is easier to take notes on and it keeps us informed on specifics rather than a whole bunch of notes gathered in one place. Thank you!

Couple of episodes ago there was talk of not drafting C Johnson for the hopes his ADP would drop. I thought this was funny at first and know you guys were joking but after a few days I am seeing things happen in mock drafts that are peculiar. Example: Zeke Elliott dropping to 6th over all out of 8 of 10 mocks is kind of weird. Maybe its the fact the Dallas defense is not good enough to allow Zeke the playing time that is needed for a top 5 RB pick? I now find myself making official teams in real live drafts just to see what is actually happening instead of mock drafting where owners will just draft the first 3 rounds and bop out. Want some input on what everybody else is doing about mock drafting.

PS, something I find crazy is 4 of 5 mocks where I put myself at the 10 spot in a 10 man standard league I am ending up with Hopkins/Beckham or Beckham/J Jones…is this real or just a fantasy?