Family Feud for draft order [Survey help!]

Hi all,

I’m commissioner for my league, and for draft order selection this year, I am trying to set up a Fantasy Football Family Feud, where I send a survey and have each team in my league try to guess the most popular answers. I did this last year, and it worked out pretty well. I’m looking for help here for survey responses!

For any other commissioners who want to use the survey results, I will post the data next Wednesday (8/14) at noon EST. You should get survey responses from your league before then, to ensure that nobody has early access to the data. Here is the link to the survey itself, which is a quick 5 questions and should just take a minute to fill out:

And for posterity, here are the questions:

  1. Which current player was, or would be, the most entertaining to be mic’d up during a game?
  2. Which current player has the best facial hair?
  3. Which team currently has the ugliest jerseys? (home or away, not counting color rush or retro)
  4. Which current player would be the best NFL commentator after retirement? (a la Tony Romo)
  5. Which current player do you think is the biggest Harry Potter fan?
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I love this idea! Has to be one of the most creative ways to pick draft order i’ve seen yet.

Thanks! I think I’ve seen similar things floating around in years past, and I like it since it is sort of skill-based, but not so much that one person will dominate.