Fanduel League!

Hello Football Fans,
I am planning a FanDuel Weekly NFL league. Pretty much normal fantasy football but you get to play different players each week (must be set each week). Each player has a $ value and you have a budget you can spend on your team (these values will change weekly based on player performance).
Our buy-in is $50 — goal is to have 20 people.
Everyone pays on FanDuel up front so money is secure, paid out properly, and held for the season.
Each week the league winner (most points) wins $26.40 (based on 20 people).
[17 week season so if you were to win 2 times you get your $$ back]
At the end of the year, the top 3 individuals with the most wins of the 17 weeks gets paid out as such:
1st: $225
2nd: $135
3rd: $90
If you are interested, please let me or Jared know, and we will get you set up! Thanks!

I would like to note along with that Thursday night games are not included week to week. So, when constructing your lineup we would be building based on Sunday/Monday games. I would like to get this filled today so we have all day tomorrow to build our week 1 lineups!

Currently 13/20 of the slots have been filled.