Fant & 2021 for Kittle?

Hi all,

I am in a 12 team PPR, superflex dynasty league. There is also an additional 0.5 per TE reception.

I’m the Kittle owner and been offered Noah Fant and a 2021 first.

My other TE are currently Cook and Doyle



Kittle for a title, Fant and the 1st for a rebuild.


I don’t mind that. Especially since it’s SF. Any chance of knowing if it will be early to mid 1st? Cook and Doyle should be able to get you through the next year or two while Fant continues to develop.

No way of telling. I suspect no higher than a mid-round.

I’d keep Kittle for that amount.

I was able to trade Kittle for Godwin earlier this off season. Prefer known quantities for a stud player.

If you’re not really even a fringe contender in 2020, sure… but if you’re at least pretty solidly in the playoff race, I’d personally much rather have Kittle.