Fant or Herndon week 2/ROS?

14 team league, 0.5ppr. Currently have Fant as my lone TE. Herndon just got dropped, worth going after or should I just keep rolling with Fant? I have Chris Thompson or Rams D (starting Chiefs) as potential drops.

This is a hard one but I’m gonna roll with the talent yards and TDs which would be fant. I have to imagine while herndon will get more catches his team isn’t going to be in the redZone as often. They don’t really have the ability to move the ball. Noah fant is explosive. Last game in the first Vs second half we saw when they get the ball in his hands Broncos score/move the chains and when they don’t they lose.

I just reread your post and saw you could drop a player. Ya ditch either one. I rarely roster two defenses and chris Thompson is chris thompson.

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Fant in both. If picking up Herndon I’d drop the d and give Thompson another week. If he is still bad look at colts or eagles as a w3 stream

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@Mr_Wind-up_Bird I like the look-ahead for Ds, I’m trying the same. Jags also available (home against Miami), who ya thinkin between Eagles or Jags?

For w3 I would prefer eagles as I think the Bengals line will mean burrow gets sacked. I’d be moving on from them for w4 though.

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