Fantasy Busts

Let’s hear some of the guys you were high on this year and took early but have completely busted…

Allen Robinson was my disappointment this year.

Amari Cooper

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David Johnson

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My league drafted the friday August 31. took Jerrick 3rd round.
really crappy feeling when the new broke on saturday. so not really a bust as much as it was bad luck. but still really hampered my rb depth

Lev Bell, luckily I was able to grab his insurance policy

Corey Clement, spent 50% of my fab and now hes pretty much worth nothing in trades x.x

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I drafted Doug Baldwin and Royce Freeman in rounds 2/3 this year.


I did same in a few leagues…
Not in rounds 2 or 3, but in rounds 4 - 5 when I could get them there…

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I didn’t draft him, but Gronk owners must be disappointed and feel like he has been a bust this season.
He has not performed like a 2nd round pick so far this season…

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Royce with the 4.1, Devanta Freeman 2.10

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Also some more I didn’t draft but we can all agree on… the titans backfield has been horrific and Jordan Howard such a disappointment.


I had first pick. Reached a little for Freeman but needed an RB and didn’t like later options. Luckily I had Gurley and got Conner as a FA before the wire opened.

McCoy but dropping him for mahomes was dope!

from my draft, my biggest bust most likely has been Kyle Rudolph, I guess i just expected more from a pass heavy offense, considering the Dalvin Cook situation, but i can’t blame the Vik’s for targeting who will most likely end the season as WR#1 and, OH YEAH, Stefon Diggs facepalm

Tbh, as of now it is Keenan Allen. For a 2nd rounder he has not been great. Also took McKinnon and R Freeman later on but hopefully Allen turns it around

Allen will get it going in terms of fantasy 2nd half of season…
The Chargers have an explosive offense and Keenan Allen will get hot 2nd half of season just like he did last year…At least that is my hope being a Charger Fan!

Yep that’s my hope. Just as of now not too great…

Drafted henry 5th round.
I didn’t consider that high enough to be a “bust”. but yes frustrating guy who coulda been dropped sooner for a better guy off waivers

Amari and Royce but not too bad. I recovered with Boyd, Ridley and Chubb. Amari, I suspected he would struggle but he was so cheap hard to pass up.

Royce though. What a waste of talent. He is a good RB in a bad situation. Hung on as long as I could but had to toss him out.

Accidentally pressed Dalvin Cook at 1.10 when I meant to press Hopkins because my tablet glitched and moved up. Guess how that league is working out? 2-6. I got OBJ at 2.3 so it was alright from there but I was livid.